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Beth Orton returns with new perspective has long lent her sweetly soulful, mournful vocal presence to the work of collaborators such as, Beck, and, the last the ex who first encouraged her to make music.

"It was a lonely time when I first had my daughter and actually during the pregnancy, too, to some degree. I really went inward and I think I reassessed a lot, and yeah, so many cliches about rebirth." Orton's health was never great and she was told at one time that she could never give birth, she reveals, but after scrambling for words, she grows in confidence: "For me, it was transformative. I guess I never thought I would have that experience, and when it happened, kate spade bags clearance sale it completely turned my world around. It was strange and wonderful and kind of frightening at the same time kate spade stores canada it was brilliant!" A chuckle bubbles up. "It's had a huge effect on me imaginatively. It was like a paradigm shift in the way I imagine life." Now married to American musician and mother to another child, son Arthur, who was born in 2011, she can sale at kate spade outlet pluck out signs of a happy family life all over the spare, exquisitely intimate "Sugaring Season," a recording steeped in the English folk tradition and kate spade usa store redolent with subtle references to forebears like ("Magpie") and ("Poison Tree"). Electronic effects are restrained to the subtle whirrs swirling in the background of such tracks as "Candles" making this a departure for a musician so associated with folktronica. It's what Orton describes as her "least collaborative record, in a way, in terms of the fabric it's built so entirely from scratch around my voice and guitar." Orton intends on preserving the spell with this tour's stripped bare performances. She'll play guitar alongside bassist, a strategy she's found the wherewithal to embrace after being overwhelmed by past solo turns and maybe the result of putting so much out there in song during "Sugaring Season's" making in 2011 and '12: "I didn't want to reinvent the wheel with this record, but I did want to go deeply into what I do.

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