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Best vegan fashion brands for shoes bags and accessories BAGS was born in 2013 as a vegan fashion range specialising in clutch bags.

Not only are all products animal free, but they are certified for being eco sensitive and environmentally aware too. The brand now sells totes, small handbags and clutches, all of which pack a punch as well as making you feel awfully good. Whether you're after kate spade canada website ballerinas, trainers, strappy sandals or winter boots, Noah can have you kitted out for every season kate spade handbags outlet online and occasion. All products are exclusively handcrafted in traditional Italian techniques and use no animal products whatsoever. Expect to pay between 100 250 for a pair. They are shipped from Germany though, so be aware of international shipping charges. Black Score A mighty fine T shirt company, which is not only vegan but full kate spade sold of humour, too. From fashion jokes to doodles of Cara Delevingne and Kanye West, this should be your go to for funny, cool T shirts which cash in on the novelty trend but are also entirely animal friendly. Initially setting out to create the perfect coat for Chicago winters, the brand now also sells allsorts of other wardrobe essentials, including party ready dresses and wonderful winter accessories.

The brand combines high design with high function and most importantly, high ethics taking animals out of the fashion equation. Although branded as haute couture, the prices aren't as bank breaking as you might expect, with a coat around the 300 mark and a dress about 150. Although there is just one flat shipping cost, duties and taxes will be added on delivery so check what these will be kate spade outlet clutch for your desired items before a big order.

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